Special Workshops by Mr. Ryutaro KANEKO (3) 2016 - Taiko & CHAPPA

Welcome to HIBIKIYA. There will be special workshop by Mr. Ryutaro KANEKO in September. He was a leading player for KODO and developed many unique method of Taiko and Chappa. Especially YURUMIDAHO "Relax to Drum" s an awesome experience for everyone (Beginners to experienced players)

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- Once paid, registration fees for workshops are non-refundable. If we cancel any sessions, there will be a full refund for those sessions.

(A) Schedule & Fees: (Please ask for the detailed information for the WS contents and discounted prices for HIBIKIYA members and those who have own instrument (OKEDO and CHAPPA). We are not able to post the table here).

(1) Saturday, 10th September 2016

12:00-16:00 ①2-piece-TAIKO SET (S$150 incl. Bachi Rental) *Anyone can join

*SHINOBUE-NO-KAI members/SHAMISEN-NO-KAI memers can join from 15:00 (S$20)

*There is a session with 3-piece-Taiko SET for the SET CLUB members.

The new members can observe and learn.

18:00-21:00 ②YURUMI DAHO"Relax to Drum" - Intro (S$120 incl. Bachi Rental)

* Anyone can join

*This session includes many works/activities without using Taiko.

(2) Sunday, 11th September 2016

10:00-12:00 ③YURUMI DAHO"Relax to Drum" - ODAIKO (S$100 incl. Bachi Rental)

* Anyone can join, but you are requested to join the YURUMIDAHO - Intro session prior to this session.

14:00-18:00 ④CHAPPA (S$150 incl. CHAPPA RENTAL)

*NARUKAMI" members can join from 17:00

(free of charge as long as you join the YURUMI DAHO - ODAIKO)

20:00-22:00 ⑤ENSEMBLE (S$120)

*SHINOBUE-NO-KAI members (S$40)

certain SHINOBUE level required (Please see the criteria for the participation.)

(3) Monday (Public Holiday), 12th September 2016

10:00-13:00 ⑥YURUMI DAHO"Relax to Drum" - OKEDO (S$150 incl. OKEDO Bachi, you can keep the bachi)

* Anyone can join, but you are requested to join the YURUMIDAHO - Intro session prior to this session.

*SHINOBUE-NO-KAI members can join from 12:00 (S$20)

15:00-18:00 ⑦Sound + Body & Soul (S$120 incl. Bachi Rental)

*This session includes some works/activities without using Taiko.

(B) Instructor / Artist


From 1987, Ryutaro Kaneko spent twenty years performing as a core member of taiko performing arts ensemble Kodo. In addition to performing, he was a key figure in both composing and arranging pieces for the Kodo stage and recordings, and held the positions of music director (Tamasaburo Bando’s “Amaterasu,” etc) and artistic director in the group. He left the ensemble in 2007 to become a solo artist. He has performed in forty countries on six continents.

His solo performances convey the various emotions within the taiko. His unit seeks unknown forms of musical expression.His onstage jam sessions with music, dance and art around the world go beyond any genre. With these three styles, he expresses his high musicality and flexible sensibilities.

His original playing method of the chappa (small Japanese cymbals) that he designed himself was an innovation in taiko ensemble performance. In 2009, he released the first instructional DVD for chappa in Japan.

His workshops are centered on his unique Yurumi-daho (relaxation drumming form) and he teaches performance technique, ensemble playing, and even workshops that do not use taiko. The content is based on a mind & body quest that lets participants make numerous realizations through experience. His workshops are highly praised both in Japan and internationally and his students range from taiko novices to professionals and teachers in an array of art genres including acting and dance.





Sep 10 - Sep 12, 2016
[ Sat ] - [ Mon ]
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM SGT
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2 sessions / 3 & 4 incl. CHAPPA Purchase (discount applied) SOLD OUT $380.00
only YURUMI DAHO / 2 (Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $120.00
Only OKEDO / 6 (with own OKEDO) SOLD OUT $100.00
2 Sessions / 3 & 4 (Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $250.00
only CHAPPA / 4 SOLD OUT $150.00
only CHAPPA with CHAPPA Purchase (Ryutaro-san MODEL) SOLD OUT $310.00
only Fue / 1C, 5C and 6B) SOLD OUT $80.00
2 sessions /2 & 7 (Member Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $240.00
2 sessions / 1 & 2 SOLD OUT $270.00
only 7 SOLD OUT $120.00
2 sessions / 4 & 6 (Member Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $300.00
4 sessions / 3,4,6 & 7 (Package Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $520.00
Odaiko Package for Yurumi intro & Narukami past participants / 2 and 4C SOLD OUT $100.00
only TAIKO SET (2-pieces + Ensemble) *Observe the 3-piece Taiko session (Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $150.00
4 sessions /1C, 3, 4C & 7 (Narukami Participants) SOLD OUT $240.00
only ENSEMBLE / 5 (Observation Available) SOLD OUT $120.00
5 sessions / 1,3,4,6 & 7(Package Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $670.00
Okedo Package / 2 & 6 (Member Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $270.00
4 sessions / 2,3,6 & 7 (Package Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $490.00
3 sessions / 1, 4 & 6 (Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $450.00
6 sessions / 1,3,4,5,6 & 7 (Package Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $790.00
3 session / 4, 6 & 7 (discount apply) SOLD OUT $420.00
ALL 7 SESSIONS (Package Discounts apply) SOLD OUT $910.00
Fue, Sound + Body & Soul / 1C, 5C, 6B & 7 (Member Discount Apply) SOLD OUT $200.00
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#01-02 63 Jalan Pemimpin 577219 Singapore